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What do YOU feed your horse?


What kind of horse: 15 year old Thoroughbred gelding
Eay or hard keep: middle?
Feeding schedule: He gets fed hay and grain twice a day, plus free choice grass/pasture.
Pasture turnout with grass yes or no: Yes, currently.
How do you hay: Five separated piles of hay (2-3 flakes each) for four horses, twice daily. Hay is grass/alfalfa, high quality, stored inside, and is in square bales. 
What supplements do you swear by: CORTAFLEX! If you are feeding glucosamine it does not absorb well - cortaflex has other ingredients that aid in absorption. One of my old barns switched their horses to it and the differences were amazing. 

What do you consider the best feed? The worst? Why.
There is no best/worst. It entirely depends on the horse, the location, and the situation. The most important thing is quality and nutritional value. Though I will say for the worst is sweet feed. It’s good as a treat, but it’s just so high sugar.. and some feeds are quite poor quality, and can go bad.

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carolineeemolly: your horse Texas is PRECIOUS

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