jumps and bumps
be brave .
Pony got acupuncture today.

He has some pretty impressive boob muscles.

Noodle in the warm up ring.
Thanks rythmiccanterstrides for the photo!
Ringo and I, photo by eyeswideshuttered.

Went out to the barn today for some pony time.

I haven’t bothered riding because Ringo and I get nothing productive done. He just ends up frustrated and I end up sad. We’ll start up again Saturday after he’s adjusted and his hocks get done. 

In the meantime he’s been spoilt with grooming and treats. 

Today I didn’t bring him in. I just went to visit him in his giant pasture. He walked up to me and demanded scratches, to which I obliged. I then paid attention to his girlfriend and then went visiting the rest of the horses. The majority of them I’ve known for eight years now. It’s funny how they still remember me. 

One of the new ones (named Alice) is an absolute sweetheart. I just felt a really good connection with her. She came over to me several times and is just the biggest sweetheart. I’m not a huge fan of mares but she’s special for some reason. 

It was just super healing to sit out there in the field. No sounds but the wind and the horses. It’s so restorative. 

It made me think that maybe I won’t give up this sport after Ringo. God knows I’ve thought about it. It’s expensive, frustrating, and time-consuming. 

But what I gain might just be worth all of it, even if it’s not with Ringo.

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Tournoi de Chevalerie 
Cité de Carcassonne

summer ‘14

Spent the evening photographing horses and grooming mr. Ringo. He was more interested in the grass, haha.

He’s also finally fitting into the herd a bit better. He even has a girlfriend for the first time ever. 

I miss riding him though. :(

There seems to be a lot of negativity in tumblr equestrian world tonight. 

Chin up, smile on my darlings. Things are gonna be okay. They’re generally better than they seem. Remember that everyone is a person with their own faults and qualities, dreams, and feelings.