jumps and bumps
be brave .

I worked with a therapy horse for the first time today.

It was mind blowing. It was amazing. 

Horses continue to surprise me with how intuitive and talented they are.

Trying to decide if it’s worth going after a friend of mine who’s posting the pictures I took on instagram… without credit.

Sigh. This is why I only take photos of Ringo. 


me and my boys one last time
photo is by Jen ( sheerphotography ) 
I’ll let her post them haha I just liked this one

The boy sent me a horse video.

And it was actually a good one. 

Went for a proper trail ride tonight, four miles round trip. Ringo was pretty good! A little ignorant when I asked him to straighten or move over, but he wasn’t too bad for his first time out. Plus he was good about the footing for once, so that was nice. He did grow about two feet and prance when he saw a miniature pony. We were galloping and he slowed right down to stare at that thing that was running along the fenceline with us. Idiot. 

But he was well behaved. No bucking or grabbing the bit and bolting. I didn’t let him go flat out, but we went along at a good pace for about half a mile or so. Trotted the whole way back too! We also schooled this make shift bank. He didn’t want to go down the first time, but I insisted and he was fine after that. 

Super happy with him. 


My horse? A ham? Nahhhh